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Central Mass Weather Center

6 Day Forecast

6 Day Forecast
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Central Mass 6 Day Forecast

**Please note that the high temp. is forecasted for 2:00 PM, and the low temp. is forecasted for 6:00 AM of that morning.**


Extended Forecast

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Well, its been a while since I wrote to all of you. First off, I want to throw this out here..If you have any questions related to our weather, I would be happy to answer them..Simply email me at Next, we need some viewers..if you have any friends that want a reliable forecast updated daily..let them know about us!!
Now lets get to the weather..The warm weather is once again upon us. I'm sure people are complaining.."where is the snow big bad weatherman???" Well, when we are under 4 feet of snow in February..let me know if you liked the warm weather better!! I'm loving every last bit of it..because the cold air is coming.
Come Monday we will see some rain showers as a result of a cold front and then Tuesday we will see it change over to snow. A quick inch cannot be ruled out for the entire Commonwealth. Wednesday will just be a beautiful day..but downright COLD!! BRRR!! Temps might not even hit 30 in downtown Worcester. Thursday it will warm back up a bit, only to drop again Friday.
Here is the problem. A coastal storm system will push across the country. There is a divided jet stream. Ours is the polar..with slightly cooler air, and the south has the mild jet. If the storm hooks up with the mild jet, we will have a miss on our hands, with some possible light rain showers or sprinkles. If it hooks up with our polar jet, we have a 50/50 shot at some snow. At this early stage I can't tell what this things going to do. Stay tuned for further updates.
Then we have the white Christmas thing here. If we get that snow it is possible. But looking even farther out on the GFS model..we have another chance at a larger storm for December 26 or 27. Either way, I think we will end up with some snow here..I just don't know if it's going to be in time for X-mas.
One last thing..Happy Hanukkah!!
Have a great Sunday..

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